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Our world is changing. Technology is advancing at an incredible rate. From smart materials and self-driving cars, to nanotech and artificial intelligence, there’s an array of new technologies on the horizon that are set to transform and enrich all of our lives in extraordinary ways.

The ideas that inspired these innovations came from engineers and scientists drawing upon immense technical knowledge. But these ideas took more than knowledge alone. Truly great ideas take creativity. Truly great ideas require imagination.

MOIN is led by an accomplished team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts with a passion for technology and design. We’ll be approaching the challenges standing in the way of mainstream adoption of decentralized technologies with a new sensibility — reworking, refining and improving existing solutions whilst experimenting with new ways in which they can be combined.

The ecosystem is young. There are great ideas yet to be discovered, immense potential yet to be harnessed and new worlds of innovation yet to be properly explored. These are the areas that excite and inspire us the most. These are the areas which we at MOIN will be focusing upon.

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